Start an ImprovingBirth Network Chapter

  Advantages of Starting an ImprovingBirth Network Chapter

  The hard work has been done for you already!


  • Non-Profit Status: We eliminate the time-consuming and expensive process of filling out and filing the extensive IRS paperwork involved in creating a non-profit organization. As one of our chapters, you come under the umbrella of our 501(c)(3) group exemption status.
  • Financial Support: Our Financial Director takes care of all IRS paperwork for all of our chapters, including filing the annual tax return.
  • Seamless Membership Processing: Our online back-office takes care of the administrative busy work of managing your membership for you. Membership renewals, reminders and thank-you letters are automatically sent out for you. You will have access to all of your important chapter information, plus features like event planning, e-blasts and more.
  • Website: Each chapter has a page on our national website to advertise their chapter's information, or simply link to their own chapter website. Chapter Leaders also have their own private resource section full of templates and useful materials.

  Chapter Support

  • Administrative Support: Our Chapter Administrator walks you carefully through the chapter start-up process. She is available to answer questions by telephone and email for support as needed.
  • Chapter Leader Resources: We provide many resources for brand-new and existing Chapter Leaders.
  • Ongoing Support: Our Membership Coordinator will help answer questions you may have during the group startup process and provide ongoing support and resources for all chapters new and old.
  • Support From Other Leaders Throughout The Country: Communicate with other motivated activists working to improve maternity care. Chapter Leaders across the country share ideas and support each other.


  • Programs: ImprovingBirth Network chapters have a good deal of flexibility in what programs they want to focus on in their community. You could do consumer meetings, put together a yearly conference or birth fair, create a birth resource guide, do educational outreach or much, much more. It’s up to you. 
  • Name: If you’re an existing group, you can even keep your name and website! You need only add the tag line “An ImprovingBirth Network National Chapter” to your existing name.
  • Website: Link a website of your own design to the national website or just include your chapter information on our national website.
  Stop Reinventing The Wheel: Save Time And Energy
  • As an ImprovingBirth Network chapter, you have access to information and templates for putting together meetings, conferences, birth resource guides and much more.

  Online Guide

  • Can’t create a paper resource guide in your town right now? No worries- there is an online version at One advantage that birth professionals that are members of your chapter will have is an online listing in the “Birth and Beyond Guide.”

  Learn more about how to start a ImprovingBirth Network Chapter in just a few easy steps!

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