Start an ImprovingBirth Network Chapter
4 Easy Steps

Our start-up documents include ImprovingBirth Network's New Chapter Application, Statement of Commitment, Articles of Association, Conflict of Interest Guidelines, Birth Advocate or Professional Membership Application and BNN's Financial Agreement. These are the documents that must be filled out to begin the process of starting an IB national chapter.

Step #3: Find at least one Co-Leader for your chapter; two or three would be even better.  More hands=less work for all!

Step #4: Determine the needs of your community and choose your chapter's focus.  You could provide programs, meetings, birth fairs, speaking engagements, mother to mother support, networking, etc., that will focus on addressing those needs. You decide!

For general questions about starting an ImprovingBirth Network chapter in your community, contact us at (Subject line: "Interested in Starting an IB Chapter") or you may call us at (616) 303-0266.



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